Binaural Beats

Just as any electrical equipment works at certain frequency levels, so does our brain. These frequencies are known as brain waves and are measured in Hertz (Hz).

When we are in high states of anxiety, the speed of our brain waves increases. When we are relaxed the speed decreases. This is the key to understanding what Binaural Sounds do.

Headphones are required for Binaural Sounds to be effective because the brain automatically creates a third tone by listening to two different sounds (frequencies) and different sounds.

Let’s understand:

When two sounds of a slightly different frequency are sent to the left and right ears through headphones, the brain responds by combining the two sounds to interpret (effectively create) by combining the frequency difference between the sounds it is simultaneously hearing through left and right ears. The pulsating sound that the brain creates is known as Binaural Beat or Binaural Beats.

For example, if your right ear receives a sound frequency of 205Hz and the left ear receives a frequency of 200Hz, these two frequencies combine in the brain to create the mathematical difference between each auditory input, which is 5Hz. So instead of listening to two different frequencies, one at 205Hz and one at 200Hz, the user will hear the interpretation of the brain, which is a rhythmic beat of 5Hz.

Each hemisphere of the brain has its own sound processing center to receive the signal inputs to each ear. After processing the perceived frequency, which in this case is 5 Hz, the brain will start producing brain waves at the same rate.

This process is known as induced frequency. In other words, the brain is being taken to the frequency state associated with the Hertz level it is hearing. We are effectively “forcing” the brain to maintain a Brain Wave that we want to get, for the treatment that is proposed to be done.

How to apply therapy with binaural sounds?

The recommendation is for stereo earphones to be used during therapy. It is also recommended to be in a quiet environment, often lying down and with eyes closed.

Under no circumstances should you use this therapy if you are driving, operating machinery or any activity that requires attention!

The headphones must be of stereo capacity, in the end, the intention is for the two frequencies to be picked up by each ear, respectively.

Fifteen minutes are the ideal measure of time, although the freedom to choose this parameter is great.

The practice should be repeated more than two or three times a week.

What are the results?

The therapy with binaural sounds can bring incredible results. The most obvious and easy to attain are greater focus, disposition and clarity of thoughts.

In addition to these benefits, therapy can help with anxiety, insomnia, memory enhancement and cognitive abilities.

It also assists the practice of meditation, brings relaxation, greater concentration for studies and accomplishment of activities in general.

It is important to mention that not all the binaural sounds with specific purposes that we find in the internet are really effective.

So pay attention to the sources that you may use, and of course we bring only the most reliable sources here.

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